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Revenge Plot

30 Sep

So, you’ ve decided to seek revenge. Where do you start, it’s not like you can Google Revenge Consultants. Trust me I tried, so I guess we will have to apply some good old fashion project management to our plan.

First, don’t write anything down and if you do write it in code, that way if anyone finds your notes they won’t know what you are up to. Make up a code, like a doodle code, only you will know that your doodle of the box with a heart in it = the word revenge.  To everyone else it will look like you are obsessive compulsive about doodling.

Set a goal, what level of revenge are we going for; low, medium, high or super high.

Here are some examples

  • low – Neet hair remover in the shampoo, or ExLax in the brownies
  • medium – breaking up their relationship or marriage (only use this if there are no children involved, too much collateral damage)
  • high – get them fired
  • super high – a public humiliation so great they must change their name and move out of the country

None of my revenge levels include murder, well because murder is murder it is not revenge, you want them to suffer and death is over too soon.

I always think the best kind of revenge is the one that doesn’t happen right away. The person who has done you wrong, will be lulled into a false sense of security, they will think you have moved on and all is forgiven, and then wham! You strike, you do it in such a way that they don’t know it is you. They may even confide in you about the terrible events as they unfold, what better way to get satisfaction then to see the slow mental deterioration of another humans’ life and soul.

We have a goal, we have selected a level, now we need to figure out a budget.  This is where time is helpful, we can save up for our revenge plot, skip a few lattes, movies and mani-pedis and your revenge kitty will be stocked in no time.

Wardrobe, very important, if the movie V for Vendetta taught me anything, it is the importance of wardrobe, having the right look makes a big difference.

Research, go to the classics, Shakespeare had some of the best revenge plays ever, Hamlet, Othello, if you want something more modern The Godfather saga, it is packed with revenge, but again with the murder, and horses heads.

You want your revenge to be sleek and chic, so I highly recommend ABC’s new show Revenge, Wednesdays at 10pm.

It meets all the criteria, long-term planning, bank roll, fabulous wardrobe, no small children being harmed and so far she hasn’t killed anyone.

What is your revenge fantasy?  Did you ever get revenge?

Is TV dead?

29 Sep

The title card for the musical comedy series G...

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Let me rephrase, is the 22 episode season of TV dead?

As I watched last nights episode of Glee, I was disappointed, the season started out so fantastic, last weeks The Purple Piano Project brought back the Glee I fell in love with.  Then came last nights episode, destined to be one of the ones I don’t re-watch when I buy the season on DVD.

You know the one’s I am talking about, filler or sub-plots we don’t care about.   Season 3 of Buffy, perhaps the best season of the series gave us Gingerbread, did you watch that one again? Season 4 had more to skip, but I digress, you get the point.

We all have the episodes we skip in a season, most shows could be trimmed down to 13 episodes and still deliver. Would you rather have thirteen episodes shown in a row, or 22 spread out over several months, with long breaks and repeats.

Several stations use this method and I rather like it, of course I am not crazy about the wait for new seasons, sometimes a year, but I would rather have thirteen quality episodes then a crap shoot every week.

A couple of points to consider:

  • 3 TV seasons, September to December, January to May and June to August
  • Rotate the shows, take the 3 highest rated shows on the network and make one the anchor for each season
  • more room for new shows, grab a broader audience
  • fewer episodes less money spent

TNT and USA have cornered the summer TV market by following this formula, and it has certainly worked for HBO. I get 10 or 13 episodes that move the action along. I tune in every week because I know with a limited run I won’t be wasting my time.

I am not an expert, but I would swear this is how they do it across the pond, when I rent a BBC show on Netflix, there are only six episodes. When I look it up on IMDB they aren’t filming the next series for 6 more months.

TV executives I am calling on you, think outside the box.

Audience what do you think, less episodes, more quality, and more shows to choose from over a never-ending rotating year-long schedule.

Who is with me?

Hart of Dixie – Pilot

27 Sep

Cover of "Doc Hollywood"

Cover of Doc Hollywood

I really liked Hart of Dixie,  it reminded me of Everwood and Gilmore Girls, it was sweet and charming. Rachel Bilson is so endearing as Zoe Hart, I can totally relate to where she is at this point in her life. She did everything that was expected and it wasn’t enough, she didn’t get the fellowship she worked so hard for because she was missing a key part of the job. Heart.

Ever feel like that, you think you have it all covered, the good thing is coming, and them wham, you don’t get it because of a detail. A detail that no one mentioned to tell you would trip you up in the end. Didn’t any of Zoe’s mentors or bosses think, they should coach her over the last four years.  Zoe is pissed and rightfully so, but, if they did tell her then we wouldn’t have a show.

I found it humorous that the boyfriend dumped her because she talked about work too much. Is that supposed to be ironic, because isn’t it usually the men who can only talk about work. She doesn’t seem that broken up about it. I like it, the whole moving on with out a man.

Because in TV land the cute female lead never has to worry. She has a whole room of writers to whip up the next set of options, in this case two, who say and do the right things.  I could never figure out why men can mimic all the stupid crap on TV, but none of the stuff they really should.

First impression, it reminded me of Doc Hollywood, the 1991 Michael J. Fox movie, similar story, big city doc, stuck in small southern town, fish out of water story. Thinks he is better than everyone, learns his lesson, everyone lives happily ever after.

Zoe learns her lesson by the end of the pilot, which is good, we dispensed with the obvious early and set up several key plot points for future episodes. Like, Lemon and the mayor, the triangle between Zoe, George (love Scott Porter) and Tom.

What really works is the cast they have assembled around Bilson, especially Tim Matheson and Nancy Travis, I don’t think Travis will be back since she is in the new Tim Allen show. It’s a shame I really liked her “motherly” interactions with Zoe, since Zoe’s mother is a wash.

Ok, the box wine, making out with the cute neighbor in his car scene was silly, it summed up her day perfectly. What woman hasn’t sucked back a few and made out with the wrong hot guy. Good way to reach your audience.

Jamie King is interesting to watch as Lemon, it would be easy to dismiss the performance as “stock”, but lets give Miss King more credit, her interactions in the scenes with Cress Williams, who plays the mayor clearly show there is going to be some depth to this southern belle.

I am looking forward to watching this every week, it has great potential, and a great cast to carry it off. This is a much-needed break from, murder, edge and mayhem.

The numbers for last night, Hart of Dixie 1.78 million viewers, higher than it’s Gossip Girl lead in, but it didn’t fare well with the all important 18-49 demo, it only got a 0.8 share.  It is up against 2 1/1 Men, which was number one again last night with 20 mill viewers, down from last week.

BTW if you believe Star Magazine, Ashton and Demi are getting divorced, supposedly a $290million divorce.

What did you think of Hart of Dixie, let me hear your thoughts in the comments. I would love a lively discussion right about now.

Questions for you

27 Sep

question mark

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What is the last thing you think about before you go to bed?

The first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?

Who is/was the love of your life?

Do you think we are here for a purpose, or is it all random?

Mile High Club

27 Sep

Airline to the World

Image by Telstar Logistics via Flickr

Ok, shoot me, I had to make the clichéd reference.  Pan Am, lovely production values, fantastic soundtrack, and boy do I wish flying was like that today. But the rest I can leave, it is missing something, it felt flat.

What did you think? Can someone convince me to keep watching?

Ratings Early Numbers

26 Sep

As expected Football wins the night. Pan Am has a solid premiere, early reviews are favorable and Good Wife was down slightly from it’s Tuesday time slot.

For full details please go to

I will put up a Pan Am review later. Did you watch it? Are you watching Hart of Dixie tonight?

They put the Good in The Good Wife

26 Sep

Actually I should say excellent, but that really doesn’t work as a play on words. What a fantastic season première, this show  just gets better and better with time. While most shows have a sophomore or junior slump this show stays strong. All hail Michelle and Robert King, the writers and the cast.

I don’t know where to begin, there was so much going on, Alicia so happy, the sex scenes between here and Will, oh dear.  My parents watch this show, holy smokes, I am not discussing this episode with my mom.

Love Eli in the firm, you know he is aware of Alicia and Will and isn’t ready to knowledge it yet. He will have to eventually if Peter is going to run for governor, Peter seemed pretty indifferent to the idea. Is Peter so distracted by loosing Alicia that nothing matters until he gets her back. He is such a narcissist I am sure he can’t belive she won’t come back to him.

What was up with Grace’s tutor, that whole Bollywood video on the train.

In the end can you have a show called the The Good Wife, if she is divorced, she will have to go back at some point. We all know Alicia can’t live happily ever after, there is no fun in that, you need the conflict for the drama.  So far this show has not let me down in plot development, I have no fear the resolution to Will/Alicia will be no less than stellar.

Diane was great as always, she is right, is she the only adult in the firm. It always warms my heart to see Kalinda and Cary in a scene together, they are my end game couple.

So what now show? Will Kalinda (aka Boots), and Alicia get back together? How long does Will and Alicia last? What about Peter mentoring Cary, that should go well.  BTW love the bangs, her hair is much more relaxed to match her new life.

All in all this was a great episode.  I am really looking forward to the season.  Show how I missed you.

Click on the link below to get some good news about Michael J.Fox‘s return as Louis Canning.

P.S really looking forward to the new George Clooney Ryan Gosling movie, The Ides of March,

Adults Only

26 Sep

Family watching television, c. 1958

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When I was growing up I remember my parents saying Sunday night was “adult time”, and we should go to bed earlier than on regular school nights to get a good start on the week.

Well, with The Good Wife moving to Sunday’s at 9pm, it is definitely adult time again. This is TV for grown ups, smart well written scripts, fantastic acting. So put the kiddies to bed, its time for Momma to take over the TV.


Bondage and Magic

25 Sep

The Secret Circle week two ratings down by 30.77%, which is a shame because the show advanced the plot quite a bit this week. They bound the circle, and we learned more about the adults back story.

I must say I find the adults more interesting to watch, Gale Harold and Natasha Henstridge are terrific villains. By episodes end we learned that Hemstridge’s Dawn is just as menacing as Harold’s Charles. I really hope they get into the details of the first circle and use flashbacks to flesh out the details.

So, they bound the circle, I guess we will see how that pans out next week.  Because you know with all the magical “foreplay” going on between Adam and Cassie that Diana is going to be upset (duh). Which is funny because Diana really pushed for this binding thing, be careful what you wish for little girl. It will always bite you in the ass.

I wonder who will die in season 1, I predict a death by February sweeps. If TVD taught us anything, no one is safe ( Aunt Jenna), at least Williamson and Co. know how to keep it interesting.

BTW, did we need teenage sex, and hot sexy shirtless neighbor in the first 5 mins. I guess we do if we want to keep the TVD lead-in.

It diminishes the show and puts in on par with Gossip Girl and 90210.  Even TVD doesn’t have this much sex among the younger set.  Damon shirtless is fine anytime, he could do the whole show without a shirt, I don’t think anyone would complain.  But his character is an adult and that matters to me.

Are you watching Secret Circle? Who is in your SC death pool?

“I’m not wearing pants”

25 Sep

 That one line delivered by John Noble in the fourth season premiere of Fringe, or the series premiere, depending on whether

you think this is a re-boot, summed up why I watch this show.

While it challenges the viewer to look at some very serious questions,   like perception and purpose. It also balances with lighter moments that grow organically from the way Walter is written.

The idea of perception, especially Walter’s, is an interesting part of this episode. He is seeing Peter, but of course doesn’t recognize him, because Peter never existed. He has been erased because he served his purpose. Could you imagine if we lived in a world where as soon as you fulfilled your purpose you were erased and no one remembered you existed.  Just like everyone wants to know what happens after we die I can’t wait to find out what happens after you fulfill your purpose. So far we are lead to believe Peter is stuck and the Observer has to erase him.  I am sure it is no coincidence that a key component in the mechanism to erase him is a tube from an old school TV.

John Locke, not the guy from Lost, but the philosopher wrote about the veil or perception, he and other philosophers believe that we don’t actually see things as they are, we have access to sense-data or impressions. He used an image to clarify his position, he said human understanding is like a ‘closet wholly shut from light with only some little openings left, to let in external visible resemblances, or ideas of things without’.

This is what I see going on with Fringe, both universes are only seeing bits and pieces and their perceptions are limited. Except for Walter who is seeing more than everyone else in his visions of Peter. He will be the first to identify what they are all missing, the feeling something is not there.

Enter be the sceptics, just like Locke’s sceptics who pointed out a tomato can look red or black depending on light or other factors that impact perception.  Olivia or Broyles will say it was a reflection on the TV from light, or an image burned on the screen from a previous viewing. They will try to convince Walter that is perceptions are wrong, that he is not seeing truth.

What do you think, do we perceive things as they are? What do you think it would be like to live in a world were as soon as your purpose is served you cease to exist and no one remembers you?

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