A Gifted Man and Supernatural

24 Sep

I watched the series premiere of A Gifted Man, it got a lot of buzz over the summer, those who saw the pilot gave it high marks.  As pilots go it did a great job of setting up the story, arrogant, highly skilled surgeon who walks on water, very rich decides to help the less fortunate because the ghost of his ex-wife shows up and tells him to.  So where is the hook, what sets this apart from the numerous times we have seen this play out it ?  It got solid ratings, a little over 9 million viewers, lets see what happens next week, to be fair it doesn’t have a lot of competition.

Since I like Patrick Wilson I will tune in next week, because over the years I have learned it takes a show at least 4 or 5 episodes for a show to evolve into something more than the premise set forth in the pilot.  Go back and view some of your favorite show’s pilots, see how different it was and how it evolved and settled into the show you can’t miss.  Some shows hit right out of the gate, others need to warm up.  his one needs to warm up and add layers, because if it sticks to this note all season, it won’t be around to gift us at the holidays.  Ha Ha ha.

Supernatural, now here is a an example of a show that started out great, the pilot was equal parts set up and intriguing forward motion to last a season and beyond. Then somewhere along the way, it took a wrong turn into the lamest stuff ever. But every show has a bad season, or two, Grey’s Anatomy I am talking to you among others, even my beloved Buffy pretty much sucked for all of Season 4, was redeemed by Season 5, to pretty much suck again for most of 6 and 7.

But I digress.  So Cass is God, talk about getting a promotion, from Angel to God, isn’t that like going from manager to CEO in a day?  Most of last season was horrible, but this premiere renewed my faith ( no pun intended).  I am a sucker for Baby, so anytime they demolish rebuild the Impala I can’t but help but get giddy.  Baby is the best inanimate character on a TV show ever, it is up there wtih Archie’s chair and Fonzie’s jacket.

Now who among has ever said I wonder how God would handle all the folks who speak hate and perform acts of hate in his name and hide behind the bible. Well the writers had the same question and showed us what they thought he might do, he said whose your daddy and took them out.  Nice.

Great one liners last night, “just stand there and look pretty”, “grey poupon”, I missed the jokes, thanks for bringing the snark back. But did you have to keep mopey, brooding Sam. Lighten him up already.


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