24 Sep

I noticed in some of the previews for the 4th season opnener of Fringe, they had added series premere instead of season. I really liked this trick, last nights episode seemed like a series primere without all the exposition.

The subtle changes to the characters because Peter never existed were well done, especially Walter, he breaks my heart. John Noble’s portrayal of Walter is multi-layered, juxtaposed with his Walter twin from the other universe, or Walternate, as he is called by other viewers it really shows his strength as an actor.  Will someone finally give this man an Emmy for goodness sake.

Overall the episode was strong, it was low-key, but there was so much going on, introducing Lincoln Lee as Olivia’s partner, the Observer trying to erase Peter. I found it particularly interesting that he needed the tube from an old TV to erase a character on a TV show and after he presses the button Walter sees Peter’s reflection in the TV. 

In the end Fringe does what Fringe does best, it introduced new questions and themes, and left enough unanswered from the past to keep the suspense going and you coming back.

More later on Fringe, A Gifted Man, Prime Suspect and Supernatural.



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