They put the Good in The Good Wife

26 Sep

Actually I should say excellent, but that really doesn’t work as a play on words. What a fantastic season première, this show  just gets better and better with time. While most shows have a sophomore or junior slump this show stays strong. All hail Michelle and Robert King, the writers and the cast.

I don’t know where to begin, there was so much going on, Alicia so happy, the sex scenes between here and Will, oh dear.  My parents watch this show, holy smokes, I am not discussing this episode with my mom.

Love Eli in the firm, you know he is aware of Alicia and Will and isn’t ready to knowledge it yet. He will have to eventually if Peter is going to run for governor, Peter seemed pretty indifferent to the idea. Is Peter so distracted by loosing Alicia that nothing matters until he gets her back. He is such a narcissist I am sure he can’t belive she won’t come back to him.

What was up with Grace’s tutor, that whole Bollywood video on the train.

In the end can you have a show called the The Good Wife, if she is divorced, she will have to go back at some point. We all know Alicia can’t live happily ever after, there is no fun in that, you need the conflict for the drama.  So far this show has not let me down in plot development, I have no fear the resolution to Will/Alicia will be no less than stellar.

Diane was great as always, she is right, is she the only adult in the firm. It always warms my heart to see Kalinda and Cary in a scene together, they are my end game couple.

So what now show? Will Kalinda (aka Boots), and Alicia get back together? How long does Will and Alicia last? What about Peter mentoring Cary, that should go well.  BTW love the bangs, her hair is much more relaxed to match her new life.

All in all this was a great episode.  I am really looking forward to the season.  Show how I missed you.

Click on the link below to get some good news about Michael J.Fox‘s return as Louis Canning.

P.S really looking forward to the new George Clooney Ryan Gosling movie, The Ides of March,

One Response to “They put the Good in The Good Wife”

  1. ROSE September 26, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

    your mother did just fine

    the blog keeps getting better and better

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