Is TV dead?

29 Sep

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Let me rephrase, is the 22 episode season of TV dead?

As I watched last nights episode of Glee, I was disappointed, the season started out so fantastic, last weeks The Purple Piano Project brought back the Glee I fell in love with.  Then came last nights episode, destined to be one of the ones I don’t re-watch when I buy the season on DVD.

You know the one’s I am talking about, filler or sub-plots we don’t care about.   Season 3 of Buffy, perhaps the best season of the series gave us Gingerbread, did you watch that one again? Season 4 had more to skip, but I digress, you get the point.

We all have the episodes we skip in a season, most shows could be trimmed down to 13 episodes and still deliver. Would you rather have thirteen episodes shown in a row, or 22 spread out over several months, with long breaks and repeats.

Several stations use this method and I rather like it, of course I am not crazy about the wait for new seasons, sometimes a year, but I would rather have thirteen quality episodes then a crap shoot every week.

A couple of points to consider:

  • 3 TV seasons, September to December, January to May and June to August
  • Rotate the shows, take the 3 highest rated shows on the network and make one the anchor for each season
  • more room for new shows, grab a broader audience
  • fewer episodes less money spent

TNT and USA have cornered the summer TV market by following this formula, and it has certainly worked for HBO. I get 10 or 13 episodes that move the action along. I tune in every week because I know with a limited run I won’t be wasting my time.

I am not an expert, but I would swear this is how they do it across the pond, when I rent a BBC show on Netflix, there are only six episodes. When I look it up on IMDB they aren’t filming the next series for 6 more months.

TV executives I am calling on you, think outside the box.

Audience what do you think, less episodes, more quality, and more shows to choose from over a never-ending rotating year-long schedule.

Who is with me?

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