Love Stinks? Sucks? It is what it is.

11 Oct

Love for Arts

Image via Wikipedia

Love, what is it about this emotion, this feeling that makes us do the wacky, we make fools of ourselves in the name of love.  I Googled the word, love and big surprise I got over 7 billion links.

The first page had the most useful links, a Wikipedia page, a love calculator, quizzes, and the ultimate love quote database. The link I found most useful comes from the Discovery Channel’s How Stuff Works,

This is a detailed article about Love, the scientific research behind the chemical effects it has on the brain, and why it is similar to an addiction. How we pick our partners, the stages of a relationship and what it takes to support a long-term relationship.

“the course of true love never did run smooth” W. Shakespeare

Are you in love? Is it a lot of work to stay there?


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