Wednesday – For your viewing pleasure may I suggest

19 Oct

Epidsode Descriptions courtesy of Zap2it

Top of the List


Episode: Guilt
Victoria’s vulnerabilities are exposed when feelings of guilt and
a fight with her daughter become to much to bear; a vindictive Lydia returns;
now aware that he has been betrayed, Daniel decides to make a major change.


Tessa is thrilled to encounter some excitement when Sheila Shay’s
(Ana Gasteyer) doll collection is stolen; afraid of burglars, Dallas and Dalia
stay with the Altmans.

Modern Family

Episode: Go Bullfrogs!
Phil takes Haley to visit his alma mater; Claire goes out with
Mitchell and Cameron; Gloria and Jay may have to broach a delicate subject with

Happy Endings

Jane tries to help her friends visualize the path to their dreams;
Brad has a hard time relating to his humorless boss; Dave is afraid to introduce
his new girlfriend to the gang.

American Horror Story

Episode: Murder House
Vivien learns about the house’s first residents; Ben’s visitor
causes him to further unravel; Constance and Moira’s history is revealed

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