Revenge – Guilt

20 Oct

Every week after I watch Revenge I say, “this weekend I will start reading The Count of Monte Cristo”, and then I look at the big thick tome and I just can’t do it. I am interested in knowing how closely this updated version follows the original source material. I suppose I could read the Cliff’s notes, but how important is to understanding the TV show.  Does anyone know, can you tell me in the comments?

The episode starts with a death, Lydia takes a header off her balcony landing on a parked cab below.  Lucky the cab was there to break her fall. The obvious set up for a flashback to two days earlier to show us how we got here.  I don’t know if the writers wanted us to think Emandily(Amanda/Emily combined) was the murderer, but I am pretty sure we have established she is not going to kill anyone. Because, as I said before, Revenge is not murder, it’s too quick and she wants these folks to suffer. If the character becomes a murderer we will no longer root for her to win.

Lydia uses the 10mil Conrad gave her to try to buy he way back into the Hamptons. Specifically, she wants to buy back her beach house. We all know Emandily will have none of that, so now she must destroy here all over again. She puts together a box of stuff that implicates Lydia in the things she has done, setting up the perfect fall guy. If she only knew what a fall Lydia was going to take, she would have chuckled the way I did.

Lydia is plotting a little revenge of her own.  She is going to try to take down Lady Victoria and Conrad. By exposing what they did to David and their role in the terrorist attack at a dinner to honor their charity work on behalf of the families effected by the terrorist attack.  Lady V’s henchmen Frank, figures it out, Lady V gives him the order to “handle” Lydia.  Frank is supposed to be a professional correct, so then why the heck wasn’t he wearing gloves when he was at Lydia’s, certainly the police will dust for fingerprints.

There are moments when this show does some lame things like, Nolan just happens to set up a camera hidden in a hideous seal nick-knack in Emandily’s house in time for Lydia to admire the nick-knack so Emandily sends it to her. It conveniently ends up in Lydia’s apartment so her murder is caught on tape.  Perfect material for either blackmailing Frank or Lady Victoria.  My money is on blackmailing Frank because he will need to be controlled at some point for this story to progress in a certain direction.

Poor Daniel, he his hung over and has been told his summer fun is over and he must go work for Daddy. His buddy Tyler asks for a job, and they are all set to for work Daddy until Tyler spills the beans about Conrad’s affair to Daniel.  Daniel decides he doesn’t want to grow up to be like his dad and not working for him is a step in the right direction. Daddy cuts him off, so he takes a job at the Stowaway, working with Jack, Emandily’s childhood love. We can look forward to lots of scenes with Emandily visiting Daniel at work while Jack watches in love from afar.

Daniel should keep a close eye on Tyler for 2 reasons, Tyler is trying to steal Daniel’s life, and Tyler is in love with him, very Single White Female. BTW Tyler is the one shot on the beach, I know Lady V screams Daniel, but it will turn out to be some weird explanation why she screamed his name.

Can someone tell me what purpose Declan serves except for annoying everyone, is he really just the kid from the wrong side of the tracks that Charlotte dates to piss off her parents. And while we are on the subject of Charlotte, I don’t think she is Conrad’s at all. Lady V had a fling and she is the product of the affair, my money is on David Clarke.

Aside from some predictable cheesy moments the show is a yummy desert, it isn’t preachy, it is just good nighttime soapy drama, with great fashion and beautiful rich people. The perfect escape. Below is the promo for next week, at least there is still some good TV on during the stupid World Series. I really wish they would move it to the summer, or to ESPN. It screws up the Fox fall schedule.


One Response to “Revenge – Guilt”

  1. Elizabeth October 21, 2011 at 8:24 am #

    Totally agree about Fox scheduling being messed up with baseball. I’m kinda glad they held off on starting Bones until after the World Series is over. And that they held back the new episodes of New Girl for the same reason.

    Here’s to hoping for a quick win by the Texas Rangers and get our shows back on where they belong!

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