Revenge Quick Hits

20 Oct

Was i the only one screaming no Nolan don’t touch anything. How is he going to explain his fingerprints in Lydia’s apartment to the police. If Frank is such a professional then why wasn’t he wearing gloves?

Lydia’s death definitely takes the show in a new direction. All the voiceovers about guilt were pretty big anvils of things to come.

Is Charlotte really a Grayson, could she be Emandily’s half sister, we are assuming David was in prison the whole time after his arrest. Maybe he and Vicki had a chance to get together one more time.

Tyler is bad news, but his is motive to steal Daniel’s life, ala Single White Female, or is he in love with him. That would be very twisty indeed. I still think it’s Tyler who is dead on the beach, not Daniel. Although Daniel’s death would set up Victoria’s revenge storyline.

Nolan has all the evidence, let’s see where that takes us.

Bottom line great episode from a great show. Will post more later.

One Response to “Revenge Quick Hits”

  1. Elizabeth October 20, 2011 at 7:27 am #

    Nope you weren’t the only one!!! I was saying to my cats – dude his prints are EVERYWHERE!!!! This can’t be a good thing!

    I was thinking the same thing about Charlotte – that’s why Victoria has always felt distant – because she knows what she did to her father. I’m thinking she didn’t discover she was pregnant until after all this went down.

    Hadn’t thought that way about Tyler – but I like what you’re thinking. That would make for an interesting storyline!

    I just love this show and read this week that it’s almost a shoe-in for a second season. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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