Tuesday 10/24 There Is Nothing On

25 Oct

Well nothing I would watch. Ringer is a repeat, no Glee no New Girl, so bascially there isn’t anything go

You could always watch one of the usual suspects, both NCIS and NCIS LA are new, if you perfer lame sitcoms about to be cancelled we have Last Man Stadnig and Man Up on ABC.  If you really want to torture yourself you can watch the X-factor. 

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Episode: Thirst
Evidence reveals that a Navy lieutenant was killed by being force-fed too much liquid; Gibbs meets Ducky’s new romantic interest (Cheryl Ladd).

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Lone Wolf
After a former Navy intelligence officer if murdered, the team’s investigation reveals he was living a double life.

Last Man Standing

Mike takes Boyd trick-or-treating, against Kristin’s wishes; Mike meets Ed’s lady friend, Elvira.

Man Up!

Kenny is jealous of Will and Grant’s relationship and decides to try to bond by watching “Star Wars.”

2 Responses to “Tuesday 10/24 There Is Nothing On”

  1. Elizabeth October 25, 2011 at 6:17 am #

    Lol – you crack me up. I’m an NCIS girl but not LA. Not a fan of the 2 manly sitcoms either and a definite no to X Factor. And I never got into Sons of Anarchy.

    Can’t wait for New Girl to return next week!!!

    Tonight I’ll be watching NCIS, Body of Proof and DVR’ing Unforgettable.

    • tvhappyplace9463 October 25, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

      I tried to get into NCIS but couldn’t do it. The chick in the lab bugs me too much,

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