Revenge – Very Intriguing Indeed

27 Oct

I knew I it, I knew Lydia wasn’t dead, I saw her eyes flutter when they showed her on top of the cab, but logic said she had to be dead.

She is the character that will not go away. Emily got lucky when Frank went after her, but if she wakes how will she deal with her if she hasn’t lost her memory and the first word out of her mouth is “photograph”. 

Last nights episode took a break from the Revenge of the week formula, so Emily could take on a new threat Tyler; aka the Talented Mr Ripley. I can’t decide if he is in love with Daniel or just wants to take over his life.  This will eventually lead to his demise, he will be the one shot on the beach.

It’s a damn good thing Lady Victoria has so many parties, it keeps Ashley employed.  Isn’t she viewed as the help, would the rich boys really date the help? 

Someone please tell Madeline Stowe to lay off the Botox, she needs to let her face relax. It’s really tight and waxy and it detracts from her acting.

All in all this was a solid episode, it advanced the main theme, and added new intrigue with Tyler and Frank.  Can’t wait for next week.

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