Revenge and The Middle Wednesday what to Watch

1 Nov

It’s Wednesday, so it must be Revenge night, normally I would give it the Top Spot but I have been asked to check out The Middle.

Even though I loathe Patricia “shrill” Heaton, a friend asked and I couldn’t say no.

Top Spot

The Middle

Mike and Frankie worry Axl will blow an opportunity that could result in a full college scholarship; Brick and Sue start a texting marathon after Aunt Edie accidentally gives them her cell phone


Episode: Charade
A high-profile newspaper story interrupts the Graysons’ wishes to lay low on their 25th wedding anniversary; Frank digs into Emily’s past in hope of proving proving his loyalty to Victoria.
Sneak Peak
Suburgatory is really funny, Cheryl Hines kills, and who knew Jeremy Sisto was such a funny guy.  Remember him in “Clueless“, he was such a tool.


Episode: Charity Case
Tessa tries to motivate her fellow students into becoming involved with charity work; a large dental bill puts a strain on George and Noah’s relationship.

Modern Family

Episode: Treehouse
Gloria insists on a night of salsa dancing with Jay; Cameron goes too far when Mitchell and a friend challenge him to get a hot woman’s (Leslie Mann) number; Phil builds a tree house.

Happy Endings

Episode: Lying Around
Brad lies and says he has to go out of town for work when Jane’s former sorority sister visits; Dave and Max make a commercial to promote the food truck.

In just in case you missed it The CW is repeating last night’s episode of Ringer tonight at 8pm I can’t say it enough, you must check out this show.


Agent Machado closes in, forcing Bridget to make a revelation to Andrew and Henry; Juliet’s partying escalates; Malcolm goes on the run after escaping his abductors.

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