Friday Night Round Up – Blue Bloods, Grimm and Fringe

5 Nov

I watched Grimm, Fringe and Blue Bloodson Friday night.

courtesy CBS

First up Fringe, the heart of the show is back, Walter and Peter are back together. But the reunion is bittersweet, Walter doesn’t remember who Peter is, my heartbreak for both of these characters. Walter and Peter is perhaps the best father son relationship on TV.

The last scene between Walter and Peter brought it all home, Peter encouraging Walter, telling him he knows what he is capable of, that support and love that we saw in seasons 1-3.  Walter taking Pater’s face in his hands, still racked with guilt over the boy who died 25 years ago, believing he doesn’t deserve this second chance.  The last shot of Peter alone and abandoned.

Wins, Lincoln, the typewriter and the introduction of time slips. 

Grimm, this week is a variation on Goldilocks. I like this show, but I am hesitant to get to attached.  The ratings were solid and if it holds NBC could pick it up. But I wouldn’t be surprised it it made its way to the Syfy channel for season 2. 

Blue Bloods, so glad my BF and parents go me hooked on this show. This is a text book example of how to execute a TV show.

  • strong story telling – check
  • liakble characters that you care about -check
  • no gimmicks – check
  • sold family values – check

Consistency in the action and progression of story from week to week.  My favorite part of every episode is the Reagan family dinner, I feel cheated if their isn’t one.  

Just a few random thoughts on what I watched last night.

Did you watch any of these shows, what did you think?

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