Help – Dog Training

5 Nov

I got a dog from a shelter about 5 months ago, she is the sweetest little thing, but she has terrible separation anxiety.  She weighs ten pounds and manges to do more destruction then a 50 lb dog I had. She doesn’t tear up furniture, or shoes or clothes, just the wood frames around doors and the walls.

When I leve her alone she does this








I started off by keeping he in the bathroom with a  baby gate, But she did this.

She also managed to figure out to how slip the baby gate out of the groove and escape.

So I bought a puppy pen, well guess what, she managed to figure out how to get out of that as well. My sweet little escape artist. My boyfriend calls her Alcatraz, as in escape from.

Next up, the crate, so can’t escape it and hasn’t managed to destroy it, but she hates it. When she is in it she barks and scratches at the bottom like she is trying to dig her way out.

The Crate

Because of my work schedule she has to be in the crate most of the day, and I hate it. My goal is to get her out of the crate and hanging out without destroying, or pooping or peeing in the house.
We are starting obedience classes next week, the classes helped  a lot with my other dogs, and I hope the trainer will be able to help us with the separation anxiety as well.
I am open to suggestions? Any dog training secrets you want to share, please head to the comments.
Thank you

2 Responses to “Help – Dog Training”

  1. jdc-witherton November 6, 2011 at 1:37 am #

    In response to your puppies anxiety issues, The crate training is the best idea but here are some things that you need to do to make her more comfortable inside the crate. First of all get a blanket or towel that you have used or will use when holding her will use so that she associates her scent with yours, being a lady you can also use a little spray of your perfume to help but not too much because their olfactory senses are much stronger than ours.

    2. You mustn’t think of it as a punishments as it sounds like you’re a good mommy who is stressing herself out. after a few days and with the right things she will think of it as her den or her room and things will go better.

    3. place the towel or blanker int eh crate as a blanket for her so that the familiar scent is their to calm her. Make sure she has lots of favorite toys and just in case she needs to tear something up put yesterdays paper or an old magazine so she can work out her frustrations.

    4. Do not immediately remove or place her into the crate when you are coming and going. This will only make things worse. Put her in the kennel about 5 to 10 minutes before you leave so that she understands hat you will still be around and that she is not being punished.or being abandoned. I know this is hard but remember that she is a distant cousin of wolves and that they like to have a den to call their own. After a few weeks of good behavior I would try the bathroom again or maybe the laundry room always making sure something that smells like you is with her and that when you come home, even if she has torn up the magazine or been somewhat bad, give her lots of love, punishing after the fact actually reinforces the behavior and hurts the bonding you need to do with your little one. Just remember that she wants to please you she just doesn’t understand what’s happening to her.

    5 when you do move her into a small room place the crate in there too but leave the door open so that she can “DEN” in it when she feels anxious. I have dealt with these same issues many times with great success as a foster for a no kill shelter. if you need to reach out for more specific advice you can reach me at


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