TV Relationships I Love and Hate

6 Nov

Watching Declan and Charlotte on Revenge, made me think of some of the other TV couples I have hated. Either their storyline was boring or the actors had no chemistry.  Here are my lists of relationships I love and hate.  

I would love to hear about the relationships you love and hate the most.  Please head to the comments.


Rosanne and Dan Conner – Rosanne – Rosanne and Dan gave each other so much crap, they called each other on everything, but you always knew they loved and respected each other. They loved each other so much Rosanne created an alternate reality when Dan died of a heart attack.

Clark and Lex – Smallville –  One of the greatest bro-mances of all time, there was so much chemistry between these two there are entire forums devoted to Clex fan fic. 

Mulder and Scully – The X-files – Talk about love and respect and enough sexual tension to snap all the wires on every piano in the western hemisphere, these two had it and then some. 

Buffy and Spike – Buffy The Vampire Slayer – This was Buffy’s adult relationship, it showed just how hard a relationship can be.  That is isn’t all flowers and hearts, you have to compromise, and you may not always like the person.  But they had fantastic sex, and who among us wouldn’t like our sex life to be intense enough to bring a house down.

Claire and Cliff Huxtable – The Cosby Show – Again respect is the key here, and Claire was right a lot, and Cliff aknowledged it.  These two showed what a healthy relationship could be if you worked at it.

Jack and Karen – Will and Grace – Love of fashion and snark, what a foundation for one of TV’s best non-sexual relationships.

 Alaric and Damon –  The Vampire Diaries – Another bromance, these two may not have the chemistry of a Clex, these two together certainly light up my screen.

Brenda and Fritz – The Closer – Awww, they are so sweet. Fritz is the most patient loving man on the planet. He is fiercely protective of Brenda saving her from herself sometimes and he also gives her that cold bucket of water in the face when necessary.

Sam and Dean – Supernatural – The best brother relationship ever on TV. They have died for each, sold their souls for each other, and no matter how many times they go their separate ways they always find their way back blood is thicker than water.

Frank and Joyce – Hill Street Blues – Who can ever forget the end of the pilot when we cut to Frank and Joyce of bed, the Capt and the lawyer we saw interacting all episode without so much as a nodding glance to their personal relationship. Theirs was one f the sexiest on TV during the 80’s. 


Declan and Charlotte – Revenge

Clark and Lois – Smallville

Ross and Rachel –  Friends

Buffy and Angel – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Stefan and Elena – The Vampire Diaries 

Rachel and Finn – Glee

House and Cuddy – House

Meredith and Derek – Grey’s Anatomy

Mike and Carol Brady – The Brady Bunch

Carrie and Mr. Big – Sex and The City


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