Homeland – The Good Soldier

7 Nov

The Good Soldier, who is the good soldier tonight on Homeland.  

Is Carrie (Claire Danes)  the good soldier for arranging the polygraphs, so she can trap Brody in a lie, or is she a good soldier for sleeping with Brody(Damian Lewis)  in order to create her own very creative control question. Is Brody the good soldier, for delivering the eulogy at Tom Walkers memorial, the man he beat to death when they were being held captive.  Or for sleeping with Carrie all in the name of his “mission”  Is Aileen Morgan the good soldier, who is a homegrown terrorist who has recruited Fazel in her plot, he is the perfect cover after all.

Tom Walker’s memorial was certainly moving, as Brody called out each member of the unit, they stood and said “here”, when he called out Tom’s name the silence reverberated thru the church echoing the hole left in everyone’s life.

Well this show definitely kicked it into high gear last night.  Who’s zooming whom, I am convinced that Brody and Carrie know what each other is up to and all their actions are to keep ahead of the other. Since we know the show has been renewed for second season the show can go in one of two directions, they do not reveal Brody’s status, or we find out he is not the turned soldier and becomes part of the mission to find out who is.

The cookout after Tom Walkers memorial certainly gave us plenty of options, it could be anyone of them, heck it could be best buddy Mike. Brody finally let him and Jessica know he knows about the affair with his fists.  Whether or not the couple break up remains to be seen.

Aileen, who is part of a US terror operation escapes execution when Fazel’s cover is blown. She is on the run, and if the previews are to be believed will be picked up by the CIA next week.  Also based on the previews Carrie and Brody are hold up in a cabin somewhere having marathon sex.

What about Saul, he failed the polygraph the first time thru, and wiggled through the second one. Whats that old saying about hiding in plain sight. Overall the polygraph was a nice tool used by the writers to get more information about these characters.

This show has built the tension, and gone in a very different direction then I thought it would. It will be interesting to see how the Brody Carrie relationship develops, and if this show explores US based terror which all experts predict is the next threat not foreigners.

Check out back episode at sho.com, this show is worth your time.

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