Once Upon a Time – Snow Falls

7 Nov

I call this blog TV Happy Place because, TV, is my happy place, and Once Upon A Time makes it even happier.  This show is a giant cup of steaming hot chocolate with whip and cinnamon.

Last nights episode, Snow Falls, made me all warm and gooey inside.  I loved watching Snow (Ginnfer Goodwin) and Charming, (real name James) (Josh Dallas) meet, fight, go on a journey together and fall in love.  The shifts between both realities flowed seamlessly, special recognition to Ginner Goodwin, whose mastery of both roles is testament to her skill as an actress.  The subtleties of both characters showing thru the other was great to watch.

Snow is on the lam from the Queen, and has resorted to stealing to make ends meet.  She robs a carriage carrying Charming and his soon to be fiance, didn’t catch her name but Snow’s assessment, “the hag with the bad attitude” will work. BTW the hag is played by the lovely Anastasia Griffiths. Since she is an impediment to Snow and Charming’s happy ending she is a hag in my book.

Charming chases Snow, she gives him the slip. But not for long, he finds her they verbally spar do business with a couple of Trolls and part ways, as he is meant for another.

Back in Storybrooke,  Mary is on a date, it ends badly.  She runs into Emma, who is living in her car.  Mary offers Emma her spare room, Emma passes.

Henry shows Emma the book and explains they have to get Mary to read to John Doe (Charming in a coma), she has to wake him up. Nice change up on the Snow White story with Charming waking her up with a kiss.  Mary reads to John, he responds and then disappears from the hospital.

He takes off for the woods heading off to the toll bridge, get it toll, like troll. When Mary and the gang catch up to him, he has collapsed, and near death. Mary gives him mouth to mouth and brings him back to life.  They bring him back to the hospital, Regina shows up with John Doe’s wife, it is the hag from the fairytale world.

Mary is crushed, Henry tells her not to give up, they belong together.  Emma confronts Regina, she tells her she  knows what she is up to, Regina has an innocent explanation for all her actions but Emma isn’t buying it.  Emma moves in with Mary.

I am a sucker for a love story, watching how James and Mary flirt and try to stay away from each other in this world is going to break my heart. 

I love Emma (Jennifer Morrison), she continues to call Regina (Lana Parrilla) on her meddling, she is on to her and isn’t going to let her forget it. Two strong female leads, good job show.

High point of the evening seeing David Anders back on my screen.  David played Sark on Alias and his character was one of the best the show ever produced. 

Here is a sneak peak at next week’s episode, The Price of Gold, ( as in Mr. gold) looks like Cinderella is entering the fray.


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