Hart of Dixie – Zoe Sees Deadpeople (sort of)

8 Nov

Was this Hart of Dixie’s Halloween episode that aired a week late? Do all the writers at the CW eat lunch together, didn’t Vampire Diaries just do an “I see dead people” episode.

I view each episode of HOD as a learning experience, as Zoe (Rachel Bilson) learns about Bluebell, so do we. What did I learn this week? Lemon’s (Jamie King) sister Magnolia is just as annoying as she is. She was made a little less annoying when she called Lemon out for dressing like she is stuck in the 1950’s.

Was Magnolia even mentioned before this week? Did we know Lemon had a sister? All of a sudden she is a major plot point?  Once again Zoe saves a member of the Breeland family, but it doesn’t matter, she is still an outsider.

The “ghost”, was really just the town screw up who faked his death so everyone would think he was a hero. After a few chats with Zoe he decides to return to his life and the family he abandoned. The close knit community of Bluebell doesn’t even bat an eye, he just comes back.  This was so lame, beyond words lame.

George (Scott Porter) and the Mayor (Cress Williams) get into a good old fashion measuring stick contest over the Pitney house.  Quite frankly, I don’t think Lemon is worth all this jealousy, the mayor could do much better. She needs a make over, both her personality and style stat. In the end the boys toast the future, the mayor has decided to move on, we’ll see.  We all know George and Lemon can’t get married, he and Zoe are the end game.

It wasn’t all bad, any scene with Zoe and Wade (Wilson Bethel) makes me smile, especially when Wade is shirtless. I loved it when she shorted out the fuse box because she was lonely.  He is such a good guy, he slept on her coach to protect her from the ghost. Zoe and her mom make up, after not dead guy explains how important that parent child bond is, I know, totally plausible.

Anyway, I know this show got a full season pick up, I am sure there is a financial benefit for The CW or it has something to do with Josh Schwartz‘s overall deal, but the show needs to get better and soon if it wants a second season. Hellcats anyone.

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