Tuesday What You Should Watch

8 Nov

I know they are losing their virginity over on Glee, but the top spot still goes to Ringer.

Last Weeks Ringer ended with Bridget’s ultrasound, if you have been watching Bridget is not pregnant, but her sister Siobhan, who she is impersonating is totally PG.  Wonder what the screen will reveal. The episode description says, they all get said news, the episode title. “maybe we can get a dog instead”, leads me to believe they will think Bridget’s lack of  pregnancy will mean she had a mis-carriage.  

I still want a Bridget/Andrew baby, they will definitely have grief sex over this.


Upsetting news affects Henry, Andrew and Bridget; Juliet continues to bond with her teacher (Jason Dohring); Agent Machado confronts Malcolm


Acting as director, Artie leads preparations for the school’s performance of “West Side Story”; Finn talks with a recruiter; someone admires Coach Bieste.

New Girl

Episode: Cece Crashes
Cece tells Jess that Nick has feelings for her; Schmidt tries to hook up with Cece.


The team finds a problem with the DNA samples collected while investigating the crash of a military plane that was transporting caskets.

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