Ringer – “Maybe we can get a dog instead”

9 Nov

Just when I think Ringercan’t get any crazier it does. I don’t think this show will ever jump the shark, because it is one big jump the

shark moment.

I didn’t even have to wait for the last two minutes to get the big moment this week, the highlight for me had to be when Bridget showed up at the dinner with Andrew and Siobhan’s Paris bot-toy Tyler. The look on Tyler’s face was priceless, he thinks he has been sleeping with the bosses wife.  

Question, Tyler told Bridget he didn’t realize he was sleeping with the bosses wife, will Bridget assume Tyler meant before Siobhan killed herself or will this be the first little thing that nags at Bridget, that makes her start to question if Siobhan is really dead.

Remember the rule, no body, no crime, not dead.  She needs to rent Julia Robert’s “Sleeping With the Enemy“, Julia’s character faked her death by drowning out at sea. Maybe this will ring a bell for Bridget.

I am glad this show doesn’t take itself too seriously, I really think all of this melodrama is intentional and very shrewd on the part of the creative team.

They resolved the baby storyline, with a miscarriage, thank god, I really didn’t want that to continue much longer. Juliet and Andrew’s concern was sweet and genuine. Can I please marry Ioan Gruffud, he is so awesome and that accent, so sexy.  I fast forwarded through the Malcolm stuff, but now that they hooked him up with Charlie I guess I have to pay attention.

This week we had smart Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who figured out how to warn Malcolm about the wire by using the old note in the menu trick. Charlie told Bridget he didn’t find any leads on Gemma.  I said it before I will say it again, until I see a body I say Gemma’s not dead. Maybe Charlie is holding her somewhere?  What is Charlie going to do about Malcolm, poor Malcolm, he went from one bad situation to another all for Bridget. Dude get a clue and get away from this chick she is bad news.

BTW, I love how smudged eyeliner and messy hair equal drug addict in Bridget’s NA flashbacks. 

Juliet hitting on her teacher (Jason Dohring)  is eww, stalking him to the Good Samaritan’s club is creepy. Can’t wait to see how that all plays out. 

Tyler is our new loose cannon.  Will he be the first one to figure out there is two of them, if he is, well-played show. Didn’t see that coming when we first spied him three episodes ago.  Andrew’s business partner could hardly contain her glee when she heard about the miscarriage, she is totally thinking she has a shot with Andrew.

Here is a preview for next weeks episode, “Shut up and eat your Bologna”.  I really do love the titles they use for this show.

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