Wednesday – What you should watch.

9 Nov

It’s Wednesday, hump day, usually a day of joy for Revenge is usually gracing my TV screen. But not tonight.

Revenge is not on tonight!!!  BOOOOO!!! Stupid Country Music Awards

Actually all of ABC’s Wednesday night line up is wiped out. I can’t wait to see if the ratings the CMA’s pull down compare to what ABC has been pulling down with it’s comedy block plus Revenge over the past few weeks.

This is your chance to check out the truly creepy, and brilliant American Horror Story

American Horror Story

Episode: Piggy Piggy
Constance gets Violet’s assistance with Tate; Ben helps a new patient confront his fears.

2 Responses to “Wednesday – What you should watch.”

  1. theriseofbutterflies at 7:44 pm #

    Thanks for adding me as a link! When I wrote that post, I was feeling a bit maudlin, but it had honestly never occurred to me before that episode that this was more than just a creepy, convoluted horror story. I felt really unintelligent when I realized what the writers were saying with Constance’s monologue. Wow, huh? I cannot wait to watch tonight’s episode (DVR’ing it until the kids go to bed). Wednesday night has become greatly anticipated by me! I will now be watching for the “everyman, everyone’s lives” theme more closely though – need to go back and rewatch the first few episodes because I’m sure it’s there, however subtle. Anyway, my blog is just a little place full of my ramblings so to be linked to is pretty cool. Thanks again!

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