Friday – What you should watch

11 Nov

TGIF – I know clichéd, but I am so glad this week is over.  What a way to start the weekend, Fringe, Grimm and Blue Bloods.

 What are you watching tonight? Or are you going out, got a hot date perhaps? Lets hear all about it in the comments.

Top Spot, big surprise, Fringe, it may be on the cancellation list, but I really don’t think Fox will cancel. They are halfway thru season 4, I can’t see them not giving it a season 5.  Five seasons will fetch more in syndication, this show could run on SyFy or TNT.

Next up

Blue Bloods, I am so glad my parents turned me onto this show. It is a solid police show, with warm and fuzzy family stuff.  I am not thrilled with Jackie (Jennifer Esposito) going undercover and the trailer monkey’s making it look like she is facing certain peril, but hey I will go with it. Maybe it won’t be predictable.  Can we please get back to Jamie’s (Will Estes) deep cover gig.

Grimm, still watching, curiosity has the better of me. I really hope it doesn’t get cancelled. So far we have covered Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks. I wonder what it will be this week, the description mentions a flash mob. Also,  Nick has to protect the woman who tried to kill him and his aunt.  Something tells me she is the demon he falls in love with, does Buffy and Spike sound familiar to anyone.

Supernatural, can’t give up on my Winchester boys, even after last season.

A Gifted Man, yes I know its going to be cancelled soon, lets hope Patrick Wilson has an overall deal with CBS and he lands another show. Look at Alex O’Laughlin, he went from Moonlight, to Three Rivers before he landed a hit with Hawaii 5-0.

Thanks to Zap2it for the listings


The team searches for a pattern in tragic time-loop anomalies; an electrical engineer (Stephen Root), his wife (Romy Rosemont), and a professor become involved with the investigation.

Blue Bloods

Jackie goes under cover as a prostitute to catch a serial killer; Erin meets a man at an art gallery.


Episode: Beeware
Nick and Hank investigate a flash mob that turned into a homicide; Nick and Hank must protect a character from Nick’s recent past.


While on a hunt, Sam encounters someone from his past; Dean teams up with a quirky hunter named Garth.

A Gifted Man

Michael feels conflicted when he learns that a patient (John Benjamin Hickey) with a malignant brain tumor was responsible for a terrible crime; a firefighter (Mamie Gummer) is brought in for an evaluation after appearing to be disoriented
If none of that is to your liking we also have


Michael tries to help Cassandra when she’s accused of stealing $2 million; Alex receives an offer from Percy that could help her eliminate Semak.


Episode: Crushed
A house party overcrowded with high school students leads to a collapsed porch and a teen’s death; Jo is haunted by her final FBI case.

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