Bubble Watch – Bubble doesn’t mean cancelled – Maybe?

13 Nov

TV by the Numbers has updated it’s Bubble list, they have added Bones, Ringer, and Rules of Engagement.

Keep in mind Bubble watch seeks to predict what will happen to a show by season’s end, based on its ongoing performance.  Last year they predicted Fringe would be cancelled and it wasn’t, there is always hope.

Bones is on the bubble because, “it is an older show with ok ratings”. It is also airing a shorter season due to Emily’s pregnancy, to make up for it they are airing the Bones spin off  The Finder.  I remember the episode last season when they introduced the characters and the concept for the finder and I was not impressed. 

Ringer, “it might be easier to just put all the CW shows other than the Vampire diaries on the bubble”, an excellent suggestion, but as the article points out not very practical. I suppose the CW could cancel everything but TVD and start over.  I would get rid of 90210 and Gossip Girl, before Ringer. 

Here is a snapshot of each category, a link to the full article can be found below. 

Certain Cancellation

A Gifted Man

Harry’s Law

Likely Cancellation

Pan Am

Body of Proof


On the Bubble




Hart of Dixie

Likely renewal

Once Upon A Time

Happy Endings


Blue Bloods

Certain Renewal


2 Broke Girls


Bubble Watch

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