Homeland The Weekend (spoilers)

14 Nov

Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the episode.

Last night’s episode of  Homeland,” The Weekend”, launched the show in a whole new direction, guaranteed to keep the action going for this season into next. This was only episode 7 of 12, we still have five more this season. Plenty of time to twist and turn into a whole new show.

Carrie and Brody hit the road, spending the weekend at her family cabin. Every time I think she is spiraling out of control, and the lack of meds plus alcohol is getting the best of her we see she is just playing with Brody. Bravo Danes.

Saul (Mandy Patinkin) tracks down Aileen, who has seen the turned soldier. Quick question, why didn’t Saul ask her to briefly describe the man she saw, as soon as she said a black man, Saul wouldn’t need Brody’s picture. Seems like a dumb move for such a smart show. Their road trip together and the discussions Saul and Aileen had about conformity and her background were riveting. 

I know Saul asked to be transferred to the field, but I think Estes will be revealed as the mole and Saul will get his job. He will be able to bring Carrie back, saving her job.

Jess and Mike discuss their past, while Dana spirals out of control.  I don’t think it would be a great loss to this show if they wrote Brody’s family out of the series.  It works better if he is single.

I called it last week, Tom Walker would turn up alive and be the turned solider.  Now of course, just because this episode and the previews lead us to believe he is turned doesn’t mean he is, there could be another twist. Shows like this rarely show their cards without holding more than a few back.

Are you buying it, or, are you like me, do you need more proof.

The scene on the porch between Brody (Damian Lewis) and Carrie was (Claire Danes) was riveting, his answers were so believable, if he is still laying a trap he is very convincing. His rationalization for why he became a muslim was so truthful. How many prisoners turn to religion after they are locked up out of despair, and he was right the King James Bible wasn’t available. 

I really want Brody and Carrie to stay together, I like them, I think they will make fantastic partners at the CIA.  I think that is the next logical move for Brody, when they confirm he is definitely not a threat they will offer him a job. It will take a while, lots of akward moments between him and Carrie but they will get together.

Carrie on the other hand has some serious issues to deal with, first she was so convinced it was Brody, will she lose her job. She has her mental state and medication issues to resolve.

Does Brody end up in and her out. I am in for the rest of this season and next. 

Preview for next week’s episode, “Achilles Heel”.


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