Monday – What you should watch

14 Nov

Top Spot Monday November 14, 2011

CBS comedy block from 8 to 10, who doesn’t need a good laugh. 

Second Choice – Hart of Dixie, cause this TV chick needs her chick TV. (keeping my fingers crossed Wade will be shirtless tonight)

How I Met Your Mother

Robin and Barney keep a secret from their significant others; Lily, Marshall and Ted go to a concert

2 Broke Girls

Johnny’s jealous girlfriend hires Max and Caroline to make cupcakes for an art show featuring his work.

Two and a Half Men

After being released from the hospital, Alan is faced with challenges that test his mental stability.

Mike & Molly

Mike encourages his mother to get a job, not realizing how it will impact Molly’s life.

Hart of Dixie

Lemon reluctantly accepts the mayor as her replacement co-host for Bluebell’s annual turtle race after NASCAR driver Brian Vickers drops out; an attractive veterinarian asks Zoe out; Wade receives an unexpected visitor.


Episode: Parents
The team discovers a disturbing family secret while trying to find a bone marrow match for an ailing teen; House tries to remove his ankle monitor so he can go to a boxing match; Taub’s ex-wife wants to move across the country with their daughter.

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