Ringer – “Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna”

16 Nov

Another awesome episode title, “Shut up and eat your bologna”. Another great episode, full of answers and twists, setting us up for the mid-season finale on November 29th.

Andrew and Bridget are falling in Love. Gemma is alive. Olivia is one treacherous bitch. Charlie has been revealed, and the cop that sent Bridget packing to NY in the first episode was, working for Siobhan.

I need a moment. I am still basking in the yummy lovey dovey goodness of Andrew and Bridget to think about the incriminating picture Olivia emailed herself from Henry’s phone. 

 You know she will use it to blackmail Henry or Bridget to get to Henry’s father in law Arbogast.  He is Gemma’s dad, super rich and super sick. Andrew already told Olivia they would not be going after his money. But that isn’t going to stop Olivia.

 Why not just show the picture to Andrew you ask, and say “this is the woman you are changing for”, too risky, no guarantee he will reverse on Arbogast.  Blackmail is the safer route to take.

We finally got to see Henry and Gemma’s twins, very cute little red-heads. But why cast red heads when everyone and their brother knows Gemma’s hair was dyed. That shade of red does not exist in nature.  There was a definite improvement in the fashion department this week. I actually liked all of SMG’s wardrobe, and as always Andrew was so dapper. Olivia may be evil, but she sure knows how to dress.

Finally Malcolm earns his keep, figuring out Charlie/John is not what he seems and getting close to rescuing Gemma.  Mid-season finale prediction, Gemma ends up shooting Charlie with the gun Bridge is eager to get back from Charlie/John. I wonder who the gun will be traced back to? Gemma will claim self defense, return to the action and keep Bridget’s secret.

Siobhan was in therapy and on antidepressants for paranoia, because she thought she was being followed. You and I both know she was setting the stage for her exit. The police would interview her therapist, (assumed name or not) and find out this piece of information and assume she was killed by the mystery stalker.

I think she had already had a plan that didn’t include Bridget. When Bridget got in touch, Siobhan switched the plan. She didn’t count on Bridget surviving and assuming her life. 

Question, aren’t twins supposed to have some super bond? Why isn’t Bridget’s wonder twins powers activating, why doesn’t she sense Shiv is alive?

Charlie/John knows that Bridget is on to him, and tells Shiv. Are they going to try to kill her again?

What could Shiv’s next move be?

Don’t forget Juliet’s mom, more of Siobhan’s society friends and Misha Collins are on their way to mix it up.

No episode next week, it’s Thanksgiving, join us November 29th

Here is a sneak peak for the mid-season finale “That’s What You Get for Trying to Kill Me”


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