Wednesday What you should watch

16 Nov

ABC from 8 to 11 gets the Top Spot, perfect comedy topped off with soapy goodness of Revenge

If I am not mistaken, these will be last new episodes until December, maybe even January if ABC takes a long winter hiatus like some other channels.  The CW for example (bastards)

As always listings come courtesy of Zap2It

Revenge – When last we left Emanda, the real Emily Thorne had just appeared on her doorstep after clubbing Frank over the head with a tire iron. And Lydia woke up from her coma,she his moving into the Grayson’s mansion. (called it) Per the sneak peek below she has not regained her memory. 

My guess is she will regain it, but keep it a secret, since she now has plenty of ammunition to blackmail not only the Grayson’s but Emanda as well. 

Here are a few sneak peeks to get us ready. Looks like real Emily is making fast friends with Jack.


Episode: Treachery
Emily’s plot continues to unravel; tensions escalate in Victoria’s relationship with her family; Lydia’s memory raises concerns with the Graysons; a friend starts to play dirty.

Modern Family

After a fire destroys a neighbor’s home, the whole family tries to help by organizing a community drive


Episode: Sweet Sixteen
Dallas convinces Tessa to let Dalia plan her 16th birthday party at the country club; Sheila Shay takes care of George when his back goes out.

The Middle

Episode: The Play
Frankie and Sue are cast in a community theater production of “The Wizard of Oz”; Brick invites his quirky uncle (Norm Macdonald) to attend Special Friends Day at school.

Happy Endings

Episode: The Code War
The return of Max’s high-school girlfriend affects everyone in the group differently; Jane tries to find herself a work husband.

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