Thursday What you should Watch

17 Nov

Top Spot – Bones

Bones, Daisy is back and tonight’s episode takes place at toy company. Looks like one of the light episodes. Can’t wait.

As always listings come courtesy of Zap2it


Booth and Sweets are given access to a toy company’s headquarters after an executive’s remains are found packaged with a Prince Charming doll; Sweets prepares for his gun certification test; Brennan worries about motherhood.

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon is jealous when Stuart (Kevin Sussman), a guy from the comic book store, asks Amy out on a date

Person of Interest

Episode: Foe
After learning the latest person of interest (Alan Dale) has connections to Cold War Soviet espionage circles, Reese and Finch learn how covert operations used to be handled

Private Practice

The doctors stage an intervention for Amelia after she returns from a 12-day drug binge with her boyfriend; Amelia bonds with an 18-year-old woman as they endure painful drug detox in rehab; Addison collapses after rigorous fertility treatments.

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