Friday What you Should Watch

18 Nov

Top Spot – Fringe

Fringe, what can I say I am hopelessly devoted to this show, and unlike some of the others I realize that this show may not make it to a season 5. I am not even sure if they will pull the plug before this season is over.  But until they do I will be here promoting it, and trying to convince people to watch the best damn show on TV that you are not watching.

This week is the last episode before the holiday break and it looks like we are working on a way to send Dorothy Back to Kansas. (Peter back to his reality)

Also worth your time, A Gifted Man, Blue Bloods and Grimm.


Episode: Wallflower
The team investigates the case of a man who turned white after being killed by an invisible force; Olivia has migraines.

A Gifted Man

Rita’s surprise Thanksgiving reunion with her son is interrupted when he is involved in a motorcycle accident and Michael must save him; Dr. Sykora and Dr. Barnes resuscitate a patient with a DNR.

Blue Bloods

Episode: Thanksgiving
Jackie and Danny think a young woman was forced to commit suicide; Frank clashes with Mayor Poole over a threat to the city; Henry has a heart attack.


Episode: Lonelyhearts
Nick investigates a series of deaths and disappearances; a stranger shows up to avenge a friend who died at the hands of a Grimm


Dean, Sam and Bobby track a creature that has been attacking people in a New Jersey state park; Dean realizes a restaurant’s special sandwich appears to be making people go crazy.

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