Homeland – “Achilles Heel”

21 Nov

Last nights episode of Homeland, “Achilles Heel” made it very clear that everything you think you know about this show is wrong.

The last five minutes of last night’s episode turned the show again in a new direction or is it back to the same direction it was before Brody’s “confession”. I really believed everything Brody told Carrie in “The Weekend”, boy do I feel stupid.  What a great liar Brody is, I already thought Damian Lewis‘ performance was fantastic, tonight’s reveal sealed it.  Mr. Lewis we will see you at the Emmy’s.

Back to the episode, Brody and his family reconciled, Carrie will always be alone, Saul and his wife officially broke up, the CIA is on Tom Walker’s trail and Brody is being courted to run for Congress.  The last bit is a little to Manchurian Candidate for me, this show is too smart for that, so I am sure it will turn again.

Tom Walker, is alive, turned and on the run with a gun. His wife let him know his call was being traced and he was able to escape. Due to a communications screw up, two innocent men where shot in a Mosque while they were praying.  There is going to be some fallout from that I am sure.

I have no idea which way this show is going, which is fine by me. I like smart TV that you can’t figure out, it keeps you guessing and builds on itself every week.

This was another stellar episode with great performances. I am sure we will also see Claire Danes at the Emmy’s next September. Not sure if Mandy Patinkin will make the cut, but he should.  I have followed his career since he was on Broadway as Che in Evita. What a voice!!

Here is a sneak peek for next week

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