Monday – What You Should Watch

21 Nov

Here are a few suggestions for your Monday night.  Listings come courtesy of Zap2It

ABC is premiering a new show called You Deserve It, tonight at 9pm. The title made me think it was a get even show, but after I read the description for tonight’s episode I realized it is one of those tear jerker good will game shows.

“A high-school teacher competes to win money for her best friend, who is raising her two kids alone after her husband’s death in a diving accident.”

Top Spot goes to Castle

Second, 2 Broke Girls and 2 1/1 Men, these shows are hysterical.

House has really come back from last season, if this is it for the venerable medical drama, then they will truly go out on top.

Finally I am still pimping Hart of Dixie, last weeks episode solidified all the love triangles. I am totally on the Wade/Zoe bandwagon.

Here is a great article from TVLine about Castle’s emotional episode titled “Kill Shot” that has Beckett facing her post traumatic stress syndrome as the city hunts down a sniper. 


Episode: Kill Shot
The team searches for a sniper who is terrorizing New York; Beckett tries to hide her worsening PTSD from Castle and the detectives.

2 Broke Girls

Max and Caroline apply for jobs as elves in a department store to earn extra money during the holiday season.

Two and a Half Men

Walden meets an attractive British woman but remains hesitant to start dating

Hart of Dixie

Lavon tries to help Zoe feel more connected to Bluebell by asking her to host his annual pre-game homecoming party; Wade and George try to get even with their high school nemesis.


Episode: Dead & Buried
The team discovers its teenage patient isn’t just being dramatic when her symptoms worsen; House becomes consumed with determining the cause of a 4-year-old’s death; Park tries to get Chase to admit why he has become obsessed with grooming.

One Response to “Monday – What You Should Watch”

  1. Elizabeth at 1:57 pm #

    Totally with you on both tonight’s Castle episode and team Wade/Zoe! I’ll be catching up on the last couple of Hart of Dixie’s tonight and have my fingers crossed CW comes in tonight (darn cable issues!) 🙂

    Looking forward to your Good Wife recap too!

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