The Good Wife – “Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot”

21 Nov

Christine Baranski, this is your Emmy submission episode, you were fantastic. The scene outside with Will, “stop sleeping with his wife”, flawless. 

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, or WTF are military call signs, since Alicia was handling a military case it worked. I prefer to think it was no coincidence that the abbreviation is WTF, because last was full of WTF moments.

Lets start with Alicia’s case, she lost, which Lockhart/Gardner has done before, but always for a reason. And this time it was the drone policy of the US, it commented on, but didn’t condemn what some think is a dangerous practice because the rate of civilian casualties is to high.

Wendy Scott Carr is back, and boy is she cold, she is going to do Peter’s dirty work and go after Will.  I have a hard time believing Peter is doing all of this because Will and Alicia are sleeping together. It seems very petty for a man who wants to be governor or senator. I suppose taking down a lawyer who sets up judicial brides makes him look tough to voters. But if it ever got out the man he was after was also sleeping with St. Alicia I think it could bite him.

Favorite parts of last nights episode were Eli and the cheese.  Loved watching him get yanked around by fruits and vegetables and his own food chart was hilarious.  Alicia “locking” Jackie out of her apartment was fantastic, I clapped and let out a gleeful laugh. That woman had it coming.

Worst part of the episode watching Dana and Kalinda flirt it up at the bar, Kalinda had to know she was being played. My girl in those kick ass boots is too smart for that crap.  To add insult to injury watching Cary and Dana have sex, ewww. Cary and Kalinda are made for each other, if only in my mind.

Will has to break up with Alicia, I wonder how he will do it, and if he will tell her its because of Peter’s investigation. The show is back in two weeks and it looks like Grace goes missing. Which would be ok, if for one second I actually believed anything bad was really going to happen to Grace.

If this was a different show, it might have her kidnapped, or killed, which for my money would really throw this show for a loop. It would create a clean slate, Alicia would be so distraught she wouldn’t have time for Will so the relationship would just fade away. It would bring her and Peter back together and it would kick his campaign into high gear. But like I said, this isn’t that kind of show, its not ballsy enough.

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