Hart of Dixie “Homecoming and Coming Home”

22 Nov

Are you ready for some football? Its homecoming in BlueBell, it’s the big game and time for former students to return home.

Hart of Dixie  is silly, frothy fun and I like it!

We wrapped up the Jud storyline pretty quick, (thank goodness) he slept with Zoe’s friend GiGi, buh-bye, Jud.

Lavon (Cress Williams) gives Zoe (Rachell Bilson) a chance to be part of the festivities by hosting his pre game party, he tells her beer, chips and salsa.  Somehow that translates in her brain to hire her friend the party planner from New York. Will this girl never learn how to fit in.  The party is a disaster, you knew that was coming. 

The mayor declares his love for Lemon (Jamie King) and she blows him off again, and a former high school foe of George (Scott Porter) and Wade’s (Wilson Bethel) is in town.

What is up with Lemon almost burning down the football field in her sophomore year.

I have to admit my favorite part of the episode was George, Wade and Lemon planning their little prank. Lemon telling George and Wade that she can’t practice proper “psychological warfare until I understand the psyche of who I am dealing with”. Dark side indeed. Even though their prank was right out of Private Benjamin it was still good thinking, and Lemon seemed to like it a little too much.

Then came her remorse the morning after, and she told George she didn’t want to be reckless because it never ends well. Mmmm, I guess the mayor was a bit of her recklessness.

As always, its only funny until someone looses an eye, or in this case slips and falls.  When 1/3 of the Blue Man Group regains consciousness he his impressed with the prank and everyone goes out for flapjacks.

In the middle of her party planning Zoe has to deal with several ill football players right before the big game, big tragedy.  Zoe figures out the dye on the grass is making the players sick, case closed the big game is saved.

Lemon is really starting to grow on me, especially in her scenes with Lavon, she is so torn between him and George. I feel bad for her, she loves both and is fighting between what she should do (marry George) and what will make her happy (being with Lavon).

Lavon coached the team to a win, to celebrate Zoe set up the party she should have set up the night before. Lavon and Zoe toast their friendship, and its another happy ending to my Monday night.

Preview for next week


One Response to “Hart of Dixie “Homecoming and Coming Home””

  1. Elizabeth November 23, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    This show makes me smile! I’m looking forward to the George/Wade/Zoe that that is coming – you just know it is. I’m still not a Lemon fan – what she should do is be honest with George. My two favorite characters are Lavon and Wade. 🙂

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