TV News Round Up, Ratings, Grimm, Fringe Boss talks cancel and more

22 Nov

First Monday Night Ratings

Thanks to TV By The Numbers for the numbers

CBS won the night even though all it’s shows dropped compared with last week.  People could be getting ready for the holiday and have less time for TV this week.

Here is a breakdown

Top Show of the night, 2 and a Half Men 5.2 rating and a 13 share, It wasn’t as funny as last week, but still a good outing.

Second highest rated: 2 Broke Girls 4.4 rating and a 11 share.  Alot of gross out humor, used tights, cum jokes and vibrators. I guess nothing says Thanksgiving like skank humor.

How about the big twist on How I Met Your Mother. Google it I am not going to spoil it.

House stayed even, so did Hart of Dixie, Castle returned strong but their numbers could be adjusted down for Monday Night Football.

Full numbers and analysis here TV By The Numbers

TV Line has a very interesting article about the fate of my Fringe, what is really important to note about this article, is it covers 7+DVR ratings and how those numbers are calculated into a shows overall performance.

7+DVR are the number of people who tape a show and watch it later, Fringe has alot of those, it was those numbers that saved it last year. The problem is advertisers don’t like those people because they are skipping the commercials.

Interesting reading that adds a whole new demension to the ratings game, TVLine

Grimm got a full season order, no surprise, it’s numbers have been steady TVLine

And another sign that General Hospital really is going to get canclled next September, Kimber McCullough has announced she is leaving the show. Kimberly orginated the role of Robin Scorpio and has been with thw show since 1985. Earlier this month Johnathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer) announced he was leaving.  Look for more exits over the next few months.  Brian Frons ruined ABC daytime.  TVLine


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