Revenge “Suspicion”

24 Nov

“Suspicion” made me dizzy, there is so much to keep straight. Let’s see if I got it all.

Real Emily didn’t leave town, FauxEmily (Real Amanda) tracks her down and asks her to hit the road. Real Emily says no thanks, done with running, I am staying.  We have a flashback, Real Emily remembers what Real Amanda told her about being David Clarke’s daughter and about her childhood love Jack.  By episodes end Real Emily, has cozied up to Jack and leads him to believe that she is the Amanda from his childhood. 

The police found Frank’s phone on the Grayson’s property and have opened an investigation into his murder. Victoria informs Conrad that the police think he is a suspect. Conrad tells Viki if he goes down, she is going with him and will lose everything she holds dear.

Conrad sets Tyler and Daniel up with a friendly competition, whoever lands the big account at the Grayson Global event gets to keep the full commission. Tyler wins, (soft of), Daniel doesn’t, the Japanese guy doesn’t go for it. More on him later.

Viki is still holding Lydia hostage, until Conrad moves her to a safe place, check and mate. Vicki is a busy bee this episode, visiting Emanada asking her to stay away from Daniel, offering Declan money to stay away from Charlotte and starting an alliance with Ashley.

The best parts of the episode belonged to Nolan and Tyler, or Tylan as I like to call them.  Tyler stole Nolan’s credit card and used it to buy a very expensive dress for Ashley. Nolan confronts him, and Tyler tells him he will make it up to him, and he means in a sexual way obviously. Remember he has been a boy toy for hire in the past.   Tyler asks Nolan to invest 20 mill with him, so he can land the big account. Nolan takes a pass, but later Emanda convinces him to do it, but not complete the deal so they can string Tyler along.

Ashley catches Tylan kissing, she is horrified, Tyler tells her to grow up and get in the game. If you want to win you have to be willing to do anything and be anyone at any given moment.

Jack goes to see the Real Amanda, and tells her the Real Emily is actually the Real Amanda. Oh dear, I think Emanda’s head just exploded.

Emanda has a revenge sensei? WTF.  Sometimes this show walks a fine line between good night-time soap drama, and over the top melodrama.  Last night was a little over the top, but still lots of fun.

Revenge is a repeat next week.

The next new episode is titled “Loyalty”, not sure when it will air.

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