TV News for Friday 11 25 2011

25 Nov

TV Line has a great article about Once Upon A Time.

OUAT is back this Sunday at 8pm on ABC, this weeks installment “That Still Small Voice” covers Dr. Hooper’s (aka Jiminy Crickett) backstory.   The article covers this Sunday’s episode, more info on Ruby and some hints about the winter finale airing in 2 weeks.

“Storybrooke mourns the loss of one their own”

Justin Hartley has just booked a gig on Castle’s. Lets hope he is shirtless, because if you remember Justin from his days as Green Arrow on Smallville, no one does shirtless like him.

Boycott Kim Kardashian petition picks up steam AOLTV

There is a God Charlie Brown tops Lady Gaga in the ratings on Thanksgiving Entertainmnet Weekly OnLine

Another sign the end of the world will happen in 2012 American Idol is back on Janury 22 Preview Clip

Best Gifts for TV Fans 2011 Guide

And no Friday would be complete without one of Ted C’s Blind Items if you can follow him and solve this you must belong to Mensa EOnline

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