House, Hart of Dixie and Repeats Monday 11 28 What You Should Watch

28 Nov

And so it begins, November sweeps are over and the holiday season is upon us, here come the repeats.  If we are lucky enough to get new episodes they are few and far between and this week will probably be the last of the new until after the new year.

Enjoy the new stuff while it lasts, soon enough it will be the TV version of fruitcake for all. Lots of crap no one wants to eat.

CBS is all repeats, Hart of Dixie and House are all new.  Time to give Hart of Dixie a try, pretty please with sugar on top.

 Top Spot

Hart of Dixie, tonight we get a very BlueBell Thanksgiving in an episode titled “The Pirate and The Practice.   Only a quirky little show like HOD could pull off a pirate themed Thanksgiving. 9pm on The CW

Sneak Peek

Hart of Dixie

Zoe’s trip home for Thanksgiving is complicated by her obligation to acquire 30 percent of the practice’s patients; Lavon urges Wade to be honest about his feelings; Lemon is upset when George receives a job offer from his father.


During an interrogation at the witness stand, a prosecutor has what he thinks is a heart attack; Wilson is determined to prove that House is hiding something; Park starts to come out of her shell.

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