Monday 12/5 Sunday Ratings, News, Spoilers, Gossip and more

5 Dec

Sunday Ratings

Football, Football and more football, it was the clear winner. Wonder how all the Football fans feel about Madonna doing the half time show. Is she still relevant to enough to draw a crowd?

The Simpsons and Family Guy had the highest gains, coasting to a solid second.

Once Upon A Time, fell, it still pulled a 3.1 rating, but it needs to come back up. Maybe Prince Charming’s backstory wasn’t that interesting. Next’s episode should pull in strong numbers, they are teasing a “death”. 

The Good Wife was at an all time low, after seeing last nights episode I totally get it.  Big tease that something happened to Grace, big let down.  All it did was set up Alicia’s break up with Will and a possible Alicia/Kalinda reunion when Alicia finds out Kalinda found Grace.

Full analysis here TV By The Numbers

Foz is trying to boost viewers for The Finder, the sort of Bones spin-off Fox is moving Bones December 15th episode to January 12th at 8pm, leading into The Finders series première in Bones regular slot at 9pm on Thursday’s while Emily is on maternity leave. More info here

Fringe and House added 64% to the 18-49 demo in week nine of the Live+7 Ratings. It’s great that they get these numbers, but it is bitter-sweet because most advertisers don’t care about these numbers because viewers can fast forward through the commercials. Keep in mind it was Fringe’s performance in this area last year that earned it another season.  Keep hope alive.

Bubble Watch

Bubble watch predicts what may happen in May, a major part of the deciding factor in this game is the syndication rights. How much can the network get, how many episodes a show has in the can (88 is the magic number), who owns the show, is it the network or the production company.  

TV By The Numbers has put all 3 CSI’s on the bubble.  Any guesses who will stay and who will go, I say everyone but the original CSI are DOA.  

Also on the bubble, The Mentalist, and even though the ratings are low in its new Sunday slot the The Good Wife, will be renewed.  

Here is the full list

Titus Wlliver, one of my favorite all time character actors, (Mr. Black on Lost, Glen Childs on The Good Wife) has been cast in a guest starring role on Grimm

House’s green card bride is back TVLINE


What the heck is LeAnne Rimes wearing Dlisted

I think I am blind now, what was Christina thinking Dlisted

Here are a couple of Blind Items about an R&B Singer, the NBA, an NFL player, a B list actress and an Oscar winner who has gone off the range. Dlisted

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