Monday 12/12 What You Should Watch

12 Dec

The sweet, new 2 Broke Girls, 2 and a Half Men and Hawaii 5-0, the sour, repeats of House, Hart of Dixie and Castle. To make it a little better, we get two hours of Hart of Dixie.

I am hanging on for January, we are less then a month away from the return of Vampire Diaries and Ringer. 

2 Broke Girls

When Caroline tries to return some jewelry to Barney’s to get money for Max’s broken oven, she realizes her last name no longer opens doors at the store


Two and a Half Men

Alan develops a crush on Walden’s visiting mother; a secret comes out about Walden’s past.

Hawaii Five-0

On the night before Chin Ho’s wedding, the team’s investigation into a man left to die in an abandoned bunker intersects with Capt. Fryer’s case.

Hart of Dixie

 Zoe tries to win over residents of Bluebell by participating in the Founder’s Day parade, but an unfortunate incident only makes matters worse.

Hart of Dixie

Episode: Gumbo & Glory
 Zoe tries to win Bluebell’s gumbo competition; Lemon is upset when Lavon develops a crush on another woman; Brick and Zoe have to perform a life-saving surgery together.


 When a 200-year-old medicine jar shatters in a teenager’s palm, she is admitted to the hospital with symptoms closely linked to smallpox; House must make a dangerous decision that puts his life in jeopardy; Wilson and Sam comfort a young patient.


Episode: Head Case
 Castle and Beckett investigate a crime scene that involves a large pool of blood but no victim; Alexis receives news about Stanford

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