Tuesday 12/13 What You Should Watch

12 Dec

Wow – The week before Christmas and all thru the house, new episodes of NCIS, Glee and New Girl.

 NBC has a special about Kate and William. I feel so bad for those kids, poor Kate she must be under so much pressure to push out an heir ASAP.  But maybe not to bad, they are rich, beautiful and she gets all the cool clothes.


Episode: Newborn King
When a Navy captain is killed, the team must find and protect his pregnant companion; Jimmy brings his fiancee’s father to work.


The glee club members face a difficult decision when they are asked to perform in two different places at the same time.

New Girl

Episode: The 23rd
The gang goes to Schmidt’s holiday office party; Jess frets over an expensive gift from Paul (Justin Long).

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode: Higher Power
The team searches for a dangerous device that was stolen from a college research facility; Sam looks for a popular Christmas gift for his daughter.
William and Kate: Inside the Royal Marriage

Interviews with friends, family and royal insiders help reveal what has been happening in the first six months of the couple’s marriage.

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