Friday 12/16 What You Should Watch

16 Dec

CBS is all repeats tonight. I will take repeats of Blue Bloods and A Gifted Man over the rest anytime.  

Grimm is new, I have lost interest in this show but I still keep recording it.


A homicide leads Nick and Hank to reopen a cold missing persons case; Nick asks Monroe to help a creature remember her humanity.

A Gifted Man

 Michael tries to save a pregnant friend who has a brain tumor and a boy with sickle-cell disease.

Blue Bloods

Episode: Friendly Fire
 Danny must face an internal affairs investigation after shooting a cop who failed to identify himself.

One Response to “Friday 12/16 What You Should Watch”

  1. Elizabeth at 10:04 am #

    Funny, I went to catch up on shows last night and had 3 Grimm’s waiting for me. Just a few minutes in I realized I no longer cared to watch it. I’ve lost interest too but still have it set to record.

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