On The Bubble as of 12/19

20 Dec

So let’s check the status of some of our favorites

Fringe – according to TV By The Numbers, Fringe has met the 88 episodes needed for syndication. What does that mean, well it is likely it will be cancelled.  All I ask is the network gives the show enough notice so they can really end the show, give the fans a decent payoff for the loyalty we have shown. It ain’t over till it’s over, and until I see the word cancellation and Fringe in a headline on TVLine I will keep hope alive.

A Gifted Man – Certain cancellation, with the news that CBS is moving it to Friday at 9 and not ordering more new episodes.
I would say this one is a goner. I just hope Patrick Wilson has an overall deal at CBS and he will be back in a new show soon.

Body Of Proof – Likely cancellation, this show started strong, Dana Delany is fantastic. But somehow it go off track, I can’t explain it, the formula just didn’t work and the sub-plot with her X and her boss was distracting.  Time to break out the China Beach DVDs.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter – Likely cancellation, this should be listed as certain, but it’s still hanging. It doesn’t have any competition now, just wait until the ABC Wednesday night comedy block is out of repeats.

Bones – On the bubble, the last few seasons have been terrible, so FOX should really put it out of its misery. Booth and Bones are having a baby, the show ruined the big payoff and killed the romance. The show jumped the shark when it made Zac Gormagon’s apprentice.  I wonder if David Boreanaz will get another show, if he does that would be his fourth in a row.  He’s like a modern-day Ted McGinley.

Hart of Dixie and Ringer are both on the bubble.  It’s too soon to tell, if they will get another season. I think it depends on what The CW has in way of pilots for next year.  Neither show has great ratings, but what does The CW except for The Vampire Diaries.

If you would like to see the status of all the shows click here TV By The Numbers


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