2012 TV Birthday Wishes

30 Dec

It’s a new year, a birth of sorts, a birth-day if you will, so how about a few wishes for the new TV year.  I would love to hear your wishes/hopes/desires for TV 2012, please head to the comments.

My wishes

Fox doesn’t cancel Fringe

Fox does cancel American Idol ( I know never in a million years). I am hearing rumors that Ryan Seacrest is stepping down to take over for Matt Lauer when he leaves the Today show.  Let me tell you about Ryan, when I moved to L.A. in the 90’s Ryan was the afternoon drive Dj on Star 98.7, now he is a media mogul, his producing deal with E! Entertainment is worth millions, yes, we have him to thank for the Kardashian’s. Not to mention his radio hosting duties, he replaced Rick Dees on Kiss and Casey Kasem on the weekly Top 40. Ryan just jumps into any grave. The rumor around Hollywood is a certain male media mogul who had his heyday in the 50-70’s  had a lot to do with Ryan’s success, and the old casting couch was a big part of it.  They don’t call him GayCrest for nothing.

We find out who got shot in the Revenge pilot before the season finale, it would be great to wrap up that storyline before the end of the season.  My money is on Tyler for the victim and real Emily for the shooter.

House ends it run, the season has been fantastic they can go out on top.

The CW Renews Ringer and Hart of Dixie and cancels 90210 and Gossip Girl

Fox decides not greenlight the Glee spinoff, but figures out a way to keep Kurt. Lea and Corey can leave my TV now.

This isn’t so much a wish, but a fact, Med Men is back this spring. Don Draper how I have missed you.

The networks cut the number of competition/reality shows, and get back to scripted comedy and dramas with shorter seasons, so we get more choice and reduced production costs. Isn’t the 22 episode format a thing of the past.

 Vampire Diaries continues to keep Elena and Stefan apart and keeps Stefan bad. 

CBS renews A Gifted Man or gives Patrick Wilson a new show, please keep him on my screen

When The Closer ends next summer, they kill off someone other than Brenda’s father, like Fritz. That show can take the high drama and Kyra would turn in one hell of a performance.

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