2012 TV Spoilers (sort of)

3 Jan

Since the studios took over and started controlling spoilers, they have lost their zing. You can still find some renegade sites that have real honest to goodness spoilers, from someone who works in editing or got a screener.  But for the most part these are carefully crafted teasers, they don’t spoil anything, just make you want to tune in.

Much like our cheeseburger over here, false advertising.

So here are a few teasers

The Castle noir episode features a kiss. (Yawn)

The January 11th Episode of Revenge – If you have seen the preview you know we are dealing with Tyler and a serious case of the crazies.  But we will also be dealing with Amanda’s latest vengeance, a journalist played by Roger Bart. According to Mike Kelly, series creator “Emily ends up using what she knows of Amanda from juvie to help her in her quest to destroy [him]. This takedown just so happens to open up a whole new vein of intrigue and surprise and possibility that will have a great impact on Emily’s quest. It paints villains in a softer light and makes people you like seem a little darker.”

Vampire Diaries – Alaric is getting a new love interest, a doctor played by Paul Wesley‘s (Stefan) real life wife Torrey DeVitto. Considering how his last two lady loves ended up, I would warn this girl to stay away. But we hear there is going to a bit of twist to this one.

Ringer – The storyline between Juliet and her teacher is going in a surprising although contrived direction.  ( see if this was a real spoiler they would tell you, this is just a tease to get you to tune in)

The Good Wife – Expect heavy fallout from Will’s grand jury trial for judicial bribery. (well no duh, again a spoiler would tell you about the fallout)

And finally

Fringe – The show is getting ready to introduce one of its Biggest Bads yet. The “terrifying” character — who it’s worth noting will be covered in prosthetics — is doing unfathomable things to “serve his own bent logic.” The role is currently being cast.

If you want more teasing you can head over to TV Line for the full post. Let me just go on record this is nothing against TvLine or Ausiello, the studios control this stuff. That’s why it is so lame.


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