1/4 Wednesday What You Should Watch

4 Jan

Oh Happy Day!! ABC Wednesday night line up is all new.

Top Spot – Revenge

The promo showing Tyler holding everyone at gunpoint was crazy. The Grayson’s divorce is proceeding, Daniel is plotting against his father with his mother, and Faux Amanda is showing her true slutty colors.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Suburgatory yet, I highly recommend this comedy. Cheryl Hines steals the show and who knew Jeremy Sisto could be so funny.  He will always be Elton from the movie Clueless to me.


Episode: Duress
An unstable visitor crashes Daniel’s intimate birthday celebration; Conrad and Victoria use Charlotte as a pawn in their bitter divorce battle; Emily’s plan starts to unravel.


When Dalia hires Tessa to drive her around to stalk her crush, Tessa ends up developing feelings for the guy; George’s decision to join the country club puts stress on his relationship with Noah.

Modern Family

When Phil misses a call from his doctor with test results, he immediately assumes the worst; Javier stops by to take Manny to the horse races; Mitchell’s winning of an environmental law award sparks a competition.

Happy Endings

Dave has a surprising reaction when his shrink (Ken Marino) starts dating Penny; Max and Jane’s fight over a sweater leads to a strange competition; Alex and Brad bond when they discover a shared interest.

The Middle

Frankie decides that each family member will have a New Year’s resolution assigned anonymously, with an incentive to help keep everyone on track; chaos ensues as all try to fulfill their promises.

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