1/5 Thursday What You Should Watch

5 Jan

And the joy continues

The Vampire Diaries is new and it’s back tonight.

Also new tonight, The Secret Circle, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice

When last we left the gang in Mystic Falls, Stefan had taken Klaus’ family on a road trip and Damon and Elena were growing closer. Judging by the previews Klaus is pissed and things are going to get messy.

Grey’s Anatomy deals with the aftermath of the ambulance vs SUV accident.

The Vampire Diaries

Episode: The New Deal
Klaus uses violence to convey that no one will be safe until he gets his family back; Tyler tries to cope with recent changes; Alaric meets a beautiful doctor (Torrey DeVitto) who is intrigued by his ability to heal.

Grey’s Anatomy

Episode: Suddenly
 The eldest daughter of a family involved in a car crash must make a difficult decision; Teddy asks Cristina to help with an O.R. patient; Lexie works with Mark’s new girlfriend during a surgery.

Private Practice

Cooper must decide whether or not to punish Mason after he is caught stealing; Pete and Violet struggle to split time with Lucas; Addison prepares for a new baby; Violet and Jake work with polyamorists.

The Secret Circle

Episode: Darkness
Cassie shares a deep secret with Adam; Diana is ecstatic when her grandmother (Stepfanie Kramer) visits, but Charles becomes suspicious when his mother takes an interest in Cassie; Faye asks a mysterious stranger (Grey Damon) for help with a spell

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