Ratings and News Thursday January 5 2012

5 Jan

First up ratings, last night was all new episodes from ABC, their comedy block is king, and Revenge rules.

ABC won the night with 3.3 rating and 9 share

Highest Rated show of the night Modern Family 5.6 rating and a 14 share (yowza)

Lowest Rated (new) show of the night Mobbed 1.2 rating and a 2 share

Revenge and Suburgatory did pretty good, they both won their time slots

Full analysis can be found by clicking here Tv By The Numbers


Will the secrets Rick and Kate are keeping finally be revealed on Castle?

Emily’s next Revenge

Parks and Recreation News

The Good Wife casting, Parker Posey, Dennis O’Hare among others are set to guest.

True Blood, we are six months away from the new season, but its’ never too early to start the vampire-porn news

One Life To Live ends it run on Friday January 13th (my birthday), how will it end

The Secret Circle, the update just like the show bores me

For full details click here TV Line has the full scoop

Vampire Diaries are back and here is whole article dedicated to what’s coming up in the second half of the season

Oh Keith, why do you alwasy piss off your bosses, first ESPN, then CNN, MSNBC and now Current. Someone seems to have success issues. Entertainment Weekly





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