Revenge “Duress”

5 Jan

When I saw the promo for this episode I was afraid the sequence with Tyler would turn out to be a hallucination because he was off his meds. I am so happy they didnt cop out, although it seemed a little to contrived the way FauxEmily set it all up, taking out the bullets, getting Frank’s wallet into his jacket.  But, since this show is a “soap” I am willing to just go with it and enjoy.

I hope Tyler returns, he is so good at being bad and crazy. I still say he is the dead man on the beach. The whole scene with him going into a rage, complete with him looking  at the image of himself in the broken mirror was classic camp. Show how I love and missed you.

In a plot line that goes back to the Greeks, Daniel teamed up with mommy against Daddy. Mommy gives him a memory book for his birthday, she claims she has been making it since his childhood. Man I love Victoria, she has no shame, she stole the idea from Emily, and gave him the gift right in front of her. If Victoria and Emily don’t end up duking it out in ball gowns in the pond I am going to be so disappointed.  Or perhaps the classic fall down a flight of stairs, one accusing the other of pushing.

The Grayson divorce battle has begun, the object at the center or it all, Charlotte. I find this most interesting because I am pretty sure we all know Charlotte isn’t Conrad’s, she is David Clarke’s daughter.  Victoria’s lawyer voids the pre-nup saying she was pregnant at the time and under duress. We later find out Victoria lied, her lawyer finds a doc who will fake a report so he draws up the necessary paperwork to support the fib.

I wonder if the first Mrs. Grayson will ever show up?

Emily and Nolan made up, they had a genuine heart to heart and Emily called Nolan her friend.  Nolan proved what a good friend he is by getting stabbed by Tyler.  What happened to the bodyguard?

Poor Ashley, he meal ticket went bye-bye. Do I sense a Nolan Ashley pairing on the horizon.  And you know we are heading for a Jack/Real Emily/Fake Emily triangle as well.  FakeEmily may have feelings for Daniel, but she is in love with Jack. If the previews are to be believed, Daniel is only proposing to Emily to get his trust fund.  They are using each other, he is using her to help his mother and she is using him to get to his mother. Neat!

Best scene of the night, FauxEmily and Victoria discussing FauxAmanda being back in town.  Victoria’s response to whether she remembered her, “vaguely, poor dear”.  Then FauxEmily telling Victoria she has invited them to the clambake. HA!!

Emily discovers Tyler’s dirty little secret, he is on meds, attacked his former doc and on the run from the cops.  She goes to Nolan for help, they track down his brother.  Nolan offers to fly him out to pick up his brother.  Did I mention Nolan has been tracking Tyler via his cell phone.

Conrad and Victoria meet, he tells her Tyler is blackmailing him, he has Lydia’s speech and a tape of Frank pushing Lydia off the balcony. This is perfect, Tyler has been discredited as a blackmailer and the scene at the birthday party seals his fate. Provides cover for FauxEmily.

Daniel enters the pool house to find Tyler sitting in the dark waiting for him. Tyler wants Daniel to come away with him to California, Tyler is sooo in love with him.  A few insults, some idle threats and Tyler is gone.

Tyler shows up at Nolan’s, threatens him with a knife, he wants the sex video. He slices Nolan’s arm and the catches the feed of the whale cam from FauxEmily’s house.  You know this is a double cross by FauxEm and Nolan, but Tyler thinks he actually has one up on them.  Silly Rabbit.  Tyler ties Nolan up, and not in a good way and takes off for the party.

Off to the party.  FauxAmanda is introduced to the Grayson’s and we get a flashback to Victoria and David making plans on the beach. So Vicki was going to leave Connie for David, and she never met Amanda a child, smart writers tha helps with a lot of pesky questions. Did Connie find out Vicki was going to leave him for David, is that why he took him down, jealousy, there has to be more to the story.

Tyler shows up and in a performance worthy of Christian Bale in American Psycho, he sings Happy Birthday to Daniel and starts a game of Truth or Dare. He asks Conrad to tell everyone the truth about David Clarke or someone will get killed.   Conrad is willing to let Tyler shoot FauxEmily to keep his secret. Now that is Klassy with a K.

Tyler’s brother and Nolan show up just in time, the police arrest Tyler, they find Frank’s wallet in his jacket. Conrad is no longer a suspect and informs Vicki she is in for the fight of her life.  FauxEmily had removed the bullets from the gun, she knew Tyler was going to do something. 

More importantly, Tyler has planted the seed that there was more to the David Clarke story then everyone knows and FauxAmanda is going to run with it. 

Next Week “Infamy”

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