1/6 Friday What You Should Watch

6 Jan

Lots of new stuff tonight.

A Gifted Man, Michael becomes the patient. Enjoy this one while it lasts.  It will end its season one run in March and chances are it won’t be renewed.

Blue Bloods, Supernatural, Chuck and Nikita are all new. But none of that may matter because the Cotton Bowl is on tonight. 

A Gifted Man

While working at the clinic during a blizzard, Michael starts exhibiting signs of a severe condition that needs immediate surgery

Blue Bloods

When Erin feels she is to blame for her informant’s death, she works with Danny to find his killer.


Chuck and Sarah think about the next move for Carmichael Industries; Gertrude approaches Casey with a mission; Jeff and Lester suspect something strange is going on at the Buy More.


Dean becomes obsessed with finding out how to take down Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart); Sam helps a teenager search for her father (Ian Tracey), a hunter who disappeared.

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