Friday 1/6 Ratings and News

6 Jan


ABC was all new last night and easily won the night in adults 18-49.

Grey’s Anatomy returned with an impressive 4.5 rating. Lets see how it does next week when CBS returns with the new episodes.

The Vampire Diaries had a 1.4 rating, exactly the same as the last new episode it aired on November.

Full analysis can be found here Tv By The Numbers

News Tib Bits

Let the negotiating begin, possible pay cut for Ryan Seacrest puts his AI future in doubt (psst he wants Matt Lauer‘s job)

Grey’s does Fringe, they are doing an alternate reality episode. Hope it works out  better than last season’s musical episode

NBC is considering bringing Canadian  medical drama Saving Hope to the US. It stars one of the greatest actresses of our time Erica Durance (Lois Lane on Smallville).  If you followed Smallville and read the fan boards the you know I am kidding. She was the worst thing that ever happened to Lois Lane of the Superman mythos, expect for Bryan Singer‘s Superman Returns. But I digress.

More stories and details at TV Line

If the Superman franchise wasn’t dead enough now comes this bit if casting genius The Superficial

Jeremy Renner realife action star – gets into bar fight  Celebitchy

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